3 Deer in my backyard - they look better alive, no?

Sooo . . .  the count for this week:

  • Opossums – 2
  • Birds – 1
  • Squirrel – 1
  • Unidentified – 2

I had the always fun experience yesterday of seeing 3 deer browsing in my yard. They pass through the back yard – where they seem to find the most edibles, and then go around the house, either on the west or the east sides. They like to forage in my vegetable-gardening next-door-neighbor’s yard, then cross the street to the neighbor who grows lots of flowers. I guess flowers must taste good, because they spend a lot of time there.

Deer browsing in my backyard

I love seeing the deer, and I believe they use my yard because the vegetable-gardeners on one side of me have 7 children, so I suppose that is unappealing to the deer, and the house on the other side has an even steeper slope in the back than mine does. Not that the deer couldn’t navigate it, it’s just that I have no dogs, no kids, and some apparently good tasking plants. They seem to love the Oregon Grape, which surprises me, because the plants do well in my yard, and don’t show any detrimental effects from being munched on. Maybe the deer were eating the tiny blossoms? I couldn’t tell from my kitchen window.

Deer in my yard

I worry about the deer crossing the road, but they seem to be OK, so far. They cross my street, which is a two-lane affair, no stripe down the center, and no sidewalks or curbs; a typical county road, but with houses neck-to-neck all along it, and idiots who drive well over the 25 mph speed limit. Then they must cross a road which is also two lanes, but has a double yellow line down the center of it, and a speed limit of 35 mph, which means many of the cars are doing 45.

I’ve lived here for 8 years now though, and haven’t seen a road-kill deer anywhere near my house yet. I’m sorry to say, I sometimes think of what it would be like to kill a deer and butcher it for food. Sorry, I know many hunt deer, and so I wonder . . . Not to worry, I’m not going to slaughter the things in my yard, with 7 children next door. That would be just too weird.

I’ve never hunted anything anyway, I’m just thinking . . . you know, when that big earthquake I’ve heard about all my life hits, and there are no groceries in the stores . . .

Anyway, watch where you are going, look out of the corners of your eyes for movement on the sides of the road and be ready to slam on your brakes. Or god forbid, slow the fuck down so you can maybe stop in time to save an animals (or kids) life, and your car as well.

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