Remember Alfred P. Nueman?

Count for the week:

  • Opossum – 2
  • Squirrel – 2
  • Birds – 2
  • (No, I’m not making this up, I really saw two of each.)
  • Unidentified – 1

I found this little gem on the internet, for how to deal with Friday the 13th:

“Plan a Friday the 13th party. This can be a good excuse to throw a fun party and bring out all those superstitions for a fun purpose.”

This suggestion was made after the article explained that only 10% of Americans believe that the day is actually unlucky, and it only occurs between 1 and 3 times a year anyway, and so have a party on that day.

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong with a party thrown on Friday the 13th? Hmmm . . . .

They do go on to say that it might be a good idea to be a little more cautious on this day. Why, if only 10% of us believe it is unlucky?  I sense a little conflict here. has an interesting take on how the Friday the 13th superstition came about.

“The number thirteen is associated with the supposed number of members in a witches’ coven. As the legend goes, the witches of the north used to observe their Sabbath by gathering in a cemetery in the dark of the moon. On one such occasion the Friday goddess, (Freya herself) came down from her sanctuary in the mountaintops and appeared before the group, who numbered only twelve at the time, and gave them one of her cats, after which the witches’ coven, and, by “tradition,” every properly formed coven since, is comprised of thirteen members.”
“It is also interesting to note in this story, the possible origin of the belief that a witch’s familiar is a cat.”  (Hey – I have 2 cats – I hope that doesn’t make me a witch. Some might say my attitude contributes towards that conclusion, but hey, anyone can have an off day. Or two, or three.)”One of the most commonly known and observed superstitions concerning the number thirteen, has to do with dining. It is said to be incredibly unlucky to be invited to dinner and have thirteen people at table.”  (So, when you throw that Friday the 13th party, don’t invite 13 people.)

Here are a few more fun facts on Friday the 13th, from
“Friday the 13th traces back to a Dutch holiday where mischievous children would sneak into graveyards at night and defecate on tombstones.” (Ewww)

“In France, Friday the 13th often fell on the day after the Feast of Saint Imbibecus.  Thus the day was often associated with terrible hangovers and poor choices made the night before.”

“The Aztecs brutally killed 39,000 in one day on Friday the 13th of August, 1539.  This was done at the request of the recently arrived Hernan Cortez, who claimed to be a god seeking tribute.  The next day he overthrew their empire.” (It just goes to show you, massacring people to gain the favor of the gods just doesn’t work out.)

OK, I can’t resist; here is one more link, to Blame Someone Else Day. I like the concept, but like the instructions say, it can come back on you, so be careful.

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