So . . . I got tired of the road biking thing, for several reasons, and switched to running. Want to know why? Well, I’m going to tell you.

When I was in high school I ran every morning, and I had to do it by myself, as there were no girls running programs. In fact, the only girls sports were swimming and I think there might have been a tennis program. I sucked at both, but loved to run, so I just did it by myself, in the morning. Then years went by, and I lived in neighborhoods where it wasn’t a very smart thing to do, for a woman to run by herself, and when I married, my husband’s idea of exercise was to go to the bakery and buy a big loaf of bread, fill it with gourmet meats and cheese and pork out.

Then I had kids, and couldn’t leave them to go running, and no, they didn’t have those running strollers then like they do now.

Then I went to college, in my late 30’s and 40’s, and guess what, no time to run. Then I started a career that required oodles of over time, same problem with finding time to run, and besides, my kids were still at home, but not the chubby hubby.

OK, the other main reason for running now is, I love being outdoors, but not exercising next to cars. Road biking is just that, and while I did enjoy doing it with my friends, they are all gone now! One is in Germany, and the other moved to Seattle, actually quite a few miles south of Seattle, so I’d be biking by myself.

The other reason is, the low carbohydrate diet for insulin resistance and to avoid getting diabetes type II, has left me really tired. I have enough energy to get around town, go to work, etc, but can tell when I work out that the energy is just not there. The Naturopath found out that my thyroid wasn’t doing much, so I suspect there is some issue with the nutrients getting into my cells, so I’m hoping that in time it will work itself out. The Dr. couldn’t think of anything else to do, as the better my blood level nutrition looked, the more tired I was.

My favorite lake for running - Lake Padden

As I said, I’m OK now, but not a ball of fire, the energy isn’t really there. So, I run 4 – 6 miles twice a week, and when I get tired I walk for a couple of minutes. I am encouraged that I am able now to run 1.5 miles, or even a little further, before I have to walk. I’m still needing to stay on pretty level trails to run, as I don’t really have the energy to go up hills.

I am encouraged though, I can see improvement, and hope that this will make my backpacking easier this summer. I enjoy running around one of our local lakes, most of the trail is in trees, and there are ferns and all sorts of brush in our local forest. I just am not motivated to run along a road!

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