Animals run across all roads, usually when you least expect them to

And you thought you were safe because I was too busy  to post. Ha, ha, think again. The gruesome and depressing are always with us, and I am here to point them out to you, just in case you are one of those annoying optimists, “the glass is half full” people.

While it is true, a glass half empty is concurrently half full. So? That does not negate the fact that it is half empty, as opposed to a glass that is full.

Well, Fox News, (admittedly, I never watch these pretend “journalists”, but they post stuff online, and I have heard this statistic from other sources, so here goes) says 40,000 Americans are killed on our roads every year. Send chills up your spine?  It should. Just because you do not see 40,000 dead people all in one spot at one time, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening all around you.

Kind of weird when you think about it. I have seen the scene of a fatal crash on the road, and the next day when I go by there, you would never know anything happened. I have often wondered if that is why we seem to have a belief of invincibility in our cars. We don’t really see the evidence of all the carnage.  If we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right?

Well, I’m just saying, our animal friends are not the only tragedies on our highways. If you don’t care if you kill a coyote on the road, maybe you care if you kill a little kid who runs out after his ball. Or a grandmother who can’t run and get out of your way when you come screaming down the road 10-20 miles over the speed limit while talking on your cell phone.

Think about it. Someday it may be you, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Give us all a chance, and maybe someone will give you a chance.

Hamster report.