One of the Fukushima reactors destroyed by earthquake and tsunami

OK, if anyone out there isn’t still scared spit less about the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima, they are sticking their heads in the sand. I shouldn’t be amazed at the lack of coverage of this ongoing poisoning of our environment (ie – our food, water, oceans, fish, etc), but it does depress me.

The fact that so many can just ignore this – after all, if our “responsible” media doesn’t cover it, it isn’t happening, right? Nothing to see here folks, move along. In fact, lets build more nuclear power stations, its clean energy, right?

Wrong.  Look it up, if you don’t already know – we still don’t know what to do with the radioactive waste products that have to be stored for thousands of years. In fact, there is an organization in Europe that has been studying how to store the radioactive waste, since the environment (ie – all life forms) will have to be protected from it for at least 25,000 years.

Natural News has an article on Fukushima, and it reports on a U.S. Senator’s visit there.

Do you know how long a written language exists in a decipherable form? Nowhere near the time it takes for nuclear material to become harmless. People are curious. If we store the waste in sealed vaults (which we have not done yet – just look at where American and Japanese nuclear power stations store their waste – above ground, in pools, some with covers, some exposed) we would need to put some sort of sign on the vaults to warn future generations to not open the vaults. How would they read them, since our current languages would have changed to the point of indecipherability in 10,000 years.

You know the saying, “Curiosity kills the cat?”  What happened when archeologists and treasure hunters read the death warnings on Egyptian tombs?  They opened the tombs. Guess what will happen in 10,000 years when someone finds a sealed nuclear waste facility and says to himself, “Must be good stuff in there, if they protected it this well.” Only this time, opening the vaults will be deadly, not only to the one at the vault, but to the whole region.

Back to the present, read any number of articles on Fukushima, and the idiots all over the world who built nuclear reactors on major earthquake faults, above drinking water aquifers, along rivers and the ocean shore.

And after Chernobyl and now Fukushima, what are we doing? Pretty much nothing. I guess if something doesn’t kill instantly, we can assume it does us no harm, right? Look up the pictures of the deformed children in Chernobyl, that’ll give you nightmares.

Think alternative energy people, and how about just using less energy, and I’m not talking about just replacing your lightbulbs and driving less. I mean really use less energy, you know, smaller houses, buy less “stuff”, don’t fly in jetplanes all over the planet, etc. You know the drill.

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