OK, the non-human body count this past week:

  • cat – 1
  • unidentified – 2
  • bird – 1
  • opossum – 2
  • squirrel – 1

Human body count in Whatcom county this week:

  • 2008 – 21 fatal vehicle involved deaths. This includes cars hitting pedestrians.
  • 2009 – 16 fatal vehicle involved deaths.

It is interesting that after a 20 minute internet search, I could not locate the number of vehicle caused deaths for 2010, 2011, or the first 4 months of 2012. I can get the number of vehicle thefts, murders, suicides, drug overdose deaths, etc, but not deaths involving vehicles.

Do we have a blind spot here? Dare we cast negative thoughts on our beloved vehicles? I don’t know why this particular statistic seems to be hidden.

Just last week, a woman and her child were killed when her vehicle, which was speeding, crossed the centerline and collided with a dump truck. She had numberous citations over the years (she was only in her 20’s) for speeding, and dui’s. It sure sucks to be a child born to an idiot. It can make for a short life. Cars make it so likely that one might be killed before getting out from under the control of a parent with poor judgment.

Not to mention, if the vehicle she had collided head on with had been another car instead of a dump truck, the other driver would probably have been killed as well.

This is not a Whatcom County accident. But does it matter where it occurred?

Is anyone else as pissed off with cars in general as I am? My opinion is that cars and airplanes should only be used for special occasions; and no, I don’t follow this advice. How would I get to work? How would I pick up my 88-year-old mom on the weekends?

I live in a country that worships cars and has a pathetic-to-non-existant public transportation system, with jobs, housing and grocery stores all spread out.

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