So, you thought you could get away did you? Buwahaha . . .

The body count this week is:

  • Opossum – 3
  • Birds – 1
  • Cat or Racoon – 1
  • Squirrel – 1
  • Rabbit – 1
  • Unidentified – 2

I believe the Memorial Day weekend is coming up soon . . . they say there are more road accidents/ deaths on these holidays.

I confess, I love these little guys, so please don’t squish them with your car.

Myself, I almost never (maybe actually never, I can’t recall) go anywhere on the major holidays, for this reason. Well, the drinking and driving thing, plus everyone else will be wherever it is I want to go, so I just wait for a non-holiday weekend when I can have more fun and less stress.

I never have understood the tendency for everyone in a country to jump in their cars and all get on the road at the same time. Weird. I do understand why this occurs; 3 day weekend, spring is here, nice weather, etc., but really, I can have more fun sitting around my yard or on my couch, or at a local park, than sitting in traffic on a highway with 10,000 other people and their cars. Besides, someone always gets angry and behaves badly/ dangerously.

I have always had this severe aversion to dying in my car, and/or suffering major pain. Hence, I do not do any major travelling on 3 day weekends.

For those of you who are compelled to do the car thing on Memorial weekend, there is some nice advice from Phillips law firm on what to do to make the driving safer. Au revoir! I’ll wave as you go by.

Now, this is what I want to see – not a hundred mile ribbon of cars.

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