I used to . . .

I used to . . . when I was taking engineering classes in college and raising 2 kids by myself, and had terminal insomnia, and the stupid doctors wouldn't give me anything to help me sleep. I always suspected it was because I was on public assistance, and of course, as we all know, everyone on public assistance is a lazy drug-addicted slut, right? Caffeine was the only drug I used during those years, and I overdosed on it. Now my doctor says not to drink coffee, as it seems to make my blood pressure go up, and since I work out so much, my blood pressure should be pretty low. So, I quit drinking coffee, again, (I have tried to get off it before, but I like coffee). So far, I've been off caffienated coffee for about 6 weeks, I'm guessing. I'm doing ok, and hope to keep to the program.

Thats it, nothing more to see here, move along folks.

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