Under Construction!

A group of technicians and I are working on a small, residential size generator, powered by wind.  The purpose, aside from the obvious goal of producing electrical energy independent of the grid, is to produce a piece of sculpture that can be installed in a residential neighborhood and provide a source of supplemental electricity and power during outages.

Everyone experiences outages occassionally, due to trees downing power lines, crows and squirrels frying themselves on transformers, and natural disasters of various kinds.  More and more people are buying the traditional gas or diesel powered generators, but the problem with these is that they use gas.

You can only store enough fuel for a few days, a week at most, and the price of fuel is steadily going up.  It may become prohibitive in cost or even difficult to get.

Stay tuned, more about our sculptured wind generator soon.

By the way, we could use some donations to get our product off the ground sooner; if you feel that this is something you care about and are interested both in having 1 or 2 of these yourself, or contributing to reducing the use of fossil fuels, please contact us at: