February 1, 2013: Well, I’ve been doing really well with my low-carb, low-sugar diet, and keeping track of my blood sugar. It’s still looking great. I still go to the gym 4 times a week for an hour, and then during spring, summer and fall hike on weekends. It’s all good.

November 4, 2011:  I see I’ve been doing this page all wrong. The new stuff was at the bottom. I know I hate scrolling down to see stuff, so I’m going to start adding the latest comments here at the top of the page. I’m sure this will be confusing, but what can you do, life is confusing, at least for me it has been.

So, I’ve been monitoring my blood glucose for a long time now, and boy are those damn glucose meter test strips pricey. It works out to about a dollar a strip and my fucking insurance doesn’t cover it. Excuse my english. So every 55 days I cough up another 55 dollars for those things. I figure it is better than letting things get away from me and spitting up the dough for insulin and having to jab myself every day. I would hate that.

Also, I have given up wheat (and gluten), ALL dairy products (ie – cheese, yogurt, ice cream, milk (which I never drank, but I loved cheese)), most sugar, eggs. This means I have also given up all the things I loved that are loaded with these things – cookies, cake and donuts.

I must pat myself on the back, because I really have given all these things up, and my blood glucose has been staying where it should – 70 – 100 with an 8 hour fast. My naturopath said the slight allergies I had the food groups listed above were contributing to my high blood glucose readings.

That’s it for today.

I decided to keep a log of my training schedule here.  This is the 3rd year I’ve done century rides.  It’s a big deal for me now since I turned 60 this year.  I go to the gym between rides.

Me, on Chuckanut Drive

Me, on Chuckanut Drive

Feb 28: 17 miles, 12.9 mph average.

March 6: 18 miles in the morning & 17 miles in afternoon.

March 14: 20 miles.

March 17: 20 miles, 13.9 mph average.

March 21: 30.1 miles, 12.8 mph (Barb is getting back in shape after several surgeries and a broken leg last winter).

March 23: 18 miles.

March 27: 25 miles, 13.2 mph average.

March 31: 15 miles, 13.6 mph average.

April 4: 30 miles, 14 mph average (lots of wind).

April 5: 21 miles, 14.2 mph average.

April 11: 35 miles, 15.2 mph average.

April 14: 30 miles, 15.2 mph average.

April 19: 21 miles, 15 mph average.

April 25: 44 miles, 15.2 mph average.

April 28: 27 miles, 14 mph average

May 1: 45 miles, 14 mph (lots of wind)

May 5: 22.5 miles, 14 mph average.

May 9: 55 miles, 16.2 mph average speed.

May 11: 25 miles, 14.2 mph average speed, 47 mph maximum (my personal maximum max.)

May 13: 35 miles, 14.2 mph average speed 44 mph max. (lots of hills)

May 16:  Missed ride as I was helping my 86 year old mom with medications.

May 19: 20.5 miles, 14.2 mph average.  It rained like heck!  We couldn’t see it was raining so hard, so called this ride short.

May 23: 62.5 miles, 15 mph average. Windy, cold.

May 25: 23.6 miles, 14.2 mph average.  Hills, rain drenched us last 4 miles.

May 27: 33 miles, 15 mph average.  No rain today!

May 31: 68 miles, 16 mph average. Just a little bit of rain, not enough to get wet, some wind. Rode to LaConner.

June 3: 28 miles, 15 mph average.

June 5: 102 miles, 16.5 mph average (not bad, eh?) – SWAN benefit ride in Skagit County!

June 13: 60 miles, 14.5 mph average (hills and wind) – I’ve been getting over a cold I had all last week, which kicked in right after my June 5 ride.

June 17: 33 miles, 14.5 mph average.

June 20: 52 miles, 14.8 mph average and 17 miles, 14.5 mph average, total 69 miles.  I drove to my auto repair guy and rode my bike back, into the wind all the way I might add.

June 23: 28 miles, 14.8 mph average.  It finally stopped raining and not much wind today!

June 24: 28 miles, 14.6 mph average.  Same exact route as yesterday! Sun was actually out and it was warm, weird but nice.

Bike scenery

Bike scenery

June 29: 20 miles, 16.5 mph average. Rode with the Mount Baker Bike club this time.  Shoot, I keep fighting a cold, and am not getting out as much as I want to this week.

July 5: 53 miles, 15.8 mph average.  I think I’m finally over my cold . . .

July 6: 20 miles, 18.2 mph average.  A personal best!  I’ve never averaged so high.  Totally cool.

July 8(date corrected): 23 miles, 15 mph average.

July 11 (date corrected): 80 miles, 15 mph average.  Struggling with this low-carb diet I’m on, now that they say I’m “pre-diabetic”.  I sure did NOT eat enough carbs.  Took 2 days to get my energy back.

July 15: 28 miles, 15.2 mph average.  Beautiful day, perfect weather.

July 17: 60 miles, 14.6 mph average.  Took it easy this weekend; still working on my carb intake.  Did I say the doc told me I am pre-diabetic, so now I am totally changing the way  I eat.  Well, maybe not totally, my diet wasn’t so bad, but it has been awful in the past . . .

July 19: 17 miles, 14.6 mph average. Hill training, and needed to take my new tires and tubes out for a test ride.  Had a good time.

July 25: 60 miles, 15 mph average.  I’m killing myself to keep up with this pace; its the damn low carb diet.  I tried to eat more carbs the night before, but not enough, apparently.  Will carb up toward the end of this week; I have a 105 mile ride coming up Saturday.

July 29: 28 miles, 15 mph average.  Been carbing up all week, I’ll go back to the low-carb thing after Saturdays 105 miler Tour de Whatcom.

Biking scenery

Biking scenery

July 31: 110 miles, 13.5 mph average. Tour de Whatcom, Whatcom county ride.

October 14: 17 Miles, haven’t checked the average yet, but I suspect is around the same as in July.  I should turn this page over to healthy eating and how to avoid diabetes type II.  The reason I am so slow on my bike now is the stupid low carbohydrate and no sugar diet I’m on, for the purpose of stopping the continuing uphill readings for my fasting blood sugar.  I have enough energy to do an hour at the gym and get around doing regular city stuff, but when it comes to anything that takes a lot of energy like biking or hiking all day, I fall flat on my face.  The naturopaths so far aren’t helping with that.  Part of my problem is I don’t have much time or money to devote to this.  I’m working 40 hours a week, taking an online class, taking care of my elderly mother every Saturday, 10 to 8 (that is, all day), and now I’m volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity house every other weekend.  Where did my ME time go?

August 3: 17 miles, 13.5 mph average.

February 1, 2011:  I’m not biking this winter – I refuse to bike long distances in the dark.  I’m doing the gym thing, 4 times a week; my goal is to go 5 times a week, but rarely manage that.  You’d think someone who’s kids are grown would have more time, but go figure.

I’m regular at the gym and I’m thinking I might try running again a couple of times a week.  I’m not fond of running for older athletes – I think it is hard on the joints, but I think 3 miles 2 times a week will be ok.  I’m just going to run around a local lake on a path – not paved.

Looking forward to backpacking this summer.  Last year I swore I would go backpacking even if I had to go alone, but I never got up the courage.  This year I will. More than once, even!

Re-take, February 1, 2011: Today I went to get a blood test done.  I’m working with a naturopath, hoping to avoid getting diabetes type II.  We seem to have discovered other problems I have, which would explain why everyone in my family has tons of energy and I have always struggled to get up enough energy to do anything.  Bad thyroid results.  I guess it has something to do with regulating blood sugar – thus effects energy levels. I never was very healthy, as a kid I had the flu and /or a cold every other month, and I’m not making that up.

I’m working hard at regulating my diet – watching the sugar intake (minimal) and carbohydrates, as well as some other things the doc is advising me on.  Will update the results and progress – hopefully, once a month or sooner!

February 9, 2011: So, I got the results of my last blood test.  The blood sugar level was ok – just barely, it was 100, which I’m told is borderline.  I cross the border fairly often, so it’s not that good.  The thyroid didn’t do much better, so now I’m on supplements to see if we can get the damn thyroid to do better. Stupid thyroid.  I’m looking forward to having more energy!  Maybe I can keep up with my brothers, ha, ha.

I know I’m much healthier, on this diet – I feel better, even if I’m still tired.  Hard to explain, when I’m so tired!  But it looks like we can fix that, hoping  . . . I’m making plans to go backpacking next summer.

February 10, 2011:  Archery last night after work for an hour.  It does exercise the upper back.  Was fun, looking forward to hitting the target more and then doing it at 20 yards instead of just 10!

May 6, 2011:  Well, I got tired of working out on the road, within a few feet of cars, and I have always loved hiking the mountains, so I made the decision and I’m hiking now. For the last two Sundays I’ve been out in the Chuckanuts, here in Whatcom county, a 9 mile hike and a 6 mile hike. This coming Sunday I’m going up the Excelsior trail. I know it’s mostly snow covered, but the trail head is dry, so I’ll be starting out with my snowshoes strapped to my pack and just see how far I can get.

Still maintaining my 3 – 4 days a week at the gym, and my blood glucose is remaining steady in the 80 – 90 range each morning. I’m eating so healthy its annyoying my friends. I did lose 10 lbs on the low – carb and no sugar regimen. That was a nice surprise. Now I weight what I did when I was 15. Cool.

Over and out. Maybe I’ll post pictures from my hikes.