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So, anyway, I never get a flu shot, and never plan to, but this winter I guess I got the flu. I would call it a bad cold and when I looked up on the internet how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu, I had some symptoms from both categories, so I still don’t know. However, I know I got what seemed like a bad cold, and for two weeks simply dragged myself everywhere I had to go, including work, sorry guys. If we could get some sick-leave, I would be happy to stay home, but if I don’t come to work, I don’t get paid, so . . . everyone at work got sick.

But, before you blame me, I was not the first person to get sick. My boss, who did get a flu shot, was the first to get sick. So much for the flu shot.

Well, then after two weeks, I felt like my regular self, so I started going back to the gym. After a week, I was sick again! So another two weeks dragging myself here and there, and now I’m fine again, and back at the gym.

You know what really pisses me off? My 88 year old mom, who still wanted me to pick her up for the day, never got my cold/flu. I guess I’m glad for that, but at the same time, I kind of resent it, if you know what I mean.

Hamster report out!

PS: I’m planning my summer and fall hikes and backpacks, can hardly wait to get out on the trails again.


Fourth of July Pass


So, all my plans about getting in shape are going to the hot place. It’s a good thing  I’ve been here numerous times before, so I know this too will pass, and I will keep trudging on.

Right now I have a horrendous summer cold, with major coughing fits – I guess there is crap in my lungs – in fact I can feel it. I’ve been way sicker than this, but am going home from work and spending some serious couch time to try to get over this as soon as possible.

This is what I'm looking forward to!

This is what I'm looking forward to!

I’ve spent all the money my health insurance allows for this year, and more – right now I over $1,600 for my E.R. visit in May, so I won’t be going to the doctor’s, unless I find myself at death’s door, thank you politicians. Maybe I should go to a Republican political rally and pass around my germs . . .

Somebody backpacking somewhere in the Cascades!

Somebody backpacking somewhere in the Cascades!

 Anyway, I’m planning a day hike next Sunday, to scope out the trail conditions on a backpack trip planned for the week after that. We’ve had so much snow this winter in the Cascades, it will be very late in the summer before the snow melts out in most of the trails.  This trail faces the South, so it is melting out right now. We will see!

Hamster dreaming

Is there anyone out there who still thinks we have a great medical care system in America? I got my bill last Saturday for my emergency room visit to patch up my damaged finger (cut about halfway through on a table saw, and nicked the bone).

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

I spent about 3 hours in the waiting room, about 5 minutes with a nurse, washing my finger, 10 minutes getting two x-rays, and 15 minutes getting it stitched up by a doctor.

I have insurance. Guess how much this is costing me. No, guess. No idea? $1,626.97.  The wonderful insurance covered about $50.  Our health care system is just great. You know what they say – upgrade to a more affordable plan, called life insurance.

Great country, huh? Love it. Who needs a doctor. Lets just put our cripples who couldn’t afford a doctor visit out in the streets, let them beg for a living. Oh, I’m sorry, we already have them. Especially those with mental health & addiction issues. Or we can toss them in prison for annoying the bourgeoisie. God forbid monied people should have to confront the results of their greed.

I do like the writings of  H. G. Wells, I agree somewhat with his political, social and religous views, but don’t quiz me on them because I haven’t studied them, I’ve just read many of his books.

From Wikipedia: “In his preface to the 1941 edition of The War in the Air, Wells had stated that his epitaph should be: “I told you so. You damned fools.””

I guess I tend to like people who become cranky and critical in their old age. As we age, we become freer to not care what others think of us. Of course, the more money one has, the freer they are . . .

 Hamster thoughts

Have I stated taht I am not impressed with the state of our health care system in america?  I waited2 1/2 hours in our local “emergency room” before the doctor could see me. If we ever have a real emergency we are all screwed. We have one hospital in Whatcom county with one ER to serve a population of 200,434 (2009). 

St. Joseph Hospital

St. Joseph Hospital

Ok, enough of that. My problem is I look at a situation and think what would happen if  . . .” The answer ismusually not reassuring.

Back to my finger. When they did get around to me, the care was great. I’m afraid of what the bill will be. Maybe I should charge them for the time I sat in the waiting room – do you think they’d pay it . . .?

not a table saw

not atable saw, but just as capable of damage . . .

When my finger was all stitched up and full of some pain killer (good stuff), the doctor told me I’d wake up (it was almost midnight when I left) in about 4 hours and it would be throbbing and painfull. I had some anxiety about that, but I’m happy to say it didn’t happen.

It is hard for a right handed person to function with one finger non functioning and also majorly in the way, with a big bandage and splint on it.

Hamster report