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Southern Right Whales are dying off at a record rate off Argentina’s Patagonia region. 

“In 2012 there were 116 whale deaths reported, including 113 whale calves”, the Buenos Aires based Whale Conservation Institute ICB said, adding that it was nearly double the 61 whale deaths it recorded in 2011.

You can go to to read more about this. The Patagonia region is at the extreme southern tip of South America. Every year hundred of the South Atlantic Right Whales take cover in the bays of the Valdes peninsula to birth their calves. 

The article states that the whales have been dying for reasons the scientists don’t understand. They list possible causes of malnutrition due to less krill and gulls “eating chunks of skin off living whales”, which is kind of hard to believe. 

Anyone think about all the plastic pollution that is floating in continent sized masses, or the navy ships and submarines shooting high energy sonar through the oceans, or the irradiated everything in the worlds oceans, from Fukushima, and other dumped nuclear waste? Look it up, there are articles recently about Russian nuclear subs that have sunk, as well as tanks of nuclear waste that have been dumped “by somebody” in the oceans off European nations. 

We will no doubt be next, after the bees, the frogs and the whales.


What smell reminds me of childhood? Cooked peas. I hate cooked peas. Childhood sucked. People who look back on their childhood like it was a great, magical time are highly annoying. Stop it.

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Record numbers of baby sea lions washing up on California’s shores, malnourished and sick. NBC news, CBS Los Angeles, KPCC, NBC 7 San Diego and more news outlets are reporting the sickened and malnourished sea lions.  

If the link doesn’t work, go the

What have we done?

hamster out

So, anyway, I never get a flu shot, and never plan to, but this winter I guess I got the flu. I would call it a bad cold and when I looked up on the internet how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu, I had some symptoms from both categories, so I still don’t know. However, I know I got what seemed like a bad cold, and for two weeks simply dragged myself everywhere I had to go, including work, sorry guys. If we could get some sick-leave, I would be happy to stay home, but if I don’t come to work, I don’t get paid, so . . . everyone at work got sick.

But, before you blame me, I was not the first person to get sick. My boss, who did get a flu shot, was the first to get sick. So much for the flu shot.

Well, then after two weeks, I felt like my regular self, so I started going back to the gym. After a week, I was sick again! So another two weeks dragging myself here and there, and now I’m fine again, and back at the gym.

You know what really pisses me off? My 88 year old mom, who still wanted me to pick her up for the day, never got my cold/flu. I guess I’m glad for that, but at the same time, I kind of resent it, if you know what I mean.

Hamster report out!

PS: I’m planning my summer and fall hikes and backpacks, can hardly wait to get out on the trails again.


Fourth of July Pass


Mount Shuksan, snowshoeing


Snowshoeing around Mount Baker


Snowshoeing around Mount Baker & Shuksan

Well, they wouldn’t let me into my wordpress account for awhile, so I thought it was dead. But I just thought I’d check and whoa! Vellly interrressstinggg . . . I may post something now and then. 

Being outside – running in the woods, hiking in the mountains.

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I felt like an adult at a very early age. Too early. Now my plan is to become an irresponsible, annoying teenager, since I never got to go through that phase. It will be OK, I'm sure, as with my ever increasing white hair, people will just assume I'm another old person who has lost her mind. I'm OK with that, ha, ha, ha!

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Book collection

No offense to those who have had great teachers, but I never had one of those. The best teacher I can recall was in 5th grade. She could teach, as well as get a hyperactive kid to behave, without shouting or hitting. (When I went to school teachers could hit the students.) But other than her, the rest were only what I would call adequate, at best. Sorry to all those who seem to think teachers are godlike.

Teachers could be important persons in our lives, but for most of us, they were not. And I am sorry about that. I for one could have used an exceptional teacher. However, I managed to educate myself after I got out of school, thank you very much!

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Please stop sharpening your claws on the furniture. Oh, and would Squeak please stop splashing water all over the kitchen floor.

I guess that's two things, but whatever. In case you couldn't tell, I have two cats, Squeak and Cleo.

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Mountain retreat

It would be small, a cabin in the mountains, far from the roads. No electricity, no phone, no inside plumbing. Maybe I would get tired of it; maybe not. But I would dearly love to have a hide-away far from "civilization", and I have spent time in such a cabin, so I have a good idea of what it would entail.

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