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Southern Right Whales are dying off at a record rate off Argentina’s Patagonia region. 

“In 2012 there were 116 whale deaths reported, including 113 whale calves”, the Buenos Aires based Whale Conservation Institute ICB said, adding that it was nearly double the 61 whale deaths it recorded in 2011.

You can go to to read more about this. The Patagonia region is at the extreme southern tip of South America. Every year hundred of the South Atlantic Right Whales take cover in the bays of the Valdes peninsula to birth their calves. 

The article states that the whales have been dying for reasons the scientists don’t understand. They list possible causes of malnutrition due to less krill and gulls “eating chunks of skin off living whales”, which is kind of hard to believe. 

Anyone think about all the plastic pollution that is floating in continent sized masses, or the navy ships and submarines shooting high energy sonar through the oceans, or the irradiated everything in the worlds oceans, from Fukushima, and other dumped nuclear waste? Look it up, there are articles recently about Russian nuclear subs that have sunk, as well as tanks of nuclear waste that have been dumped “by somebody” in the oceans off European nations. 

We will no doubt be next, after the bees, the frogs and the whales.