I think it has been about a year since I started tearing out the old rotten deck. I did that totally on my own, over a period of a couple of months. It took about 6 trips to the dump with my pickup truck to haul all the rotten wood away.  I managed to get most of it there while dry, but of course you cannot avoid the rain here. The last couple of loads did get wet, which added to t he weight when when I was paying at the dump.

Work in progress

So I’ve chronicled the re-building of my larger deck, and then there was a scheduling set back when I almost cut off my finger on the table saw. Then re-scheduling for 3 people took some time, and we finally all got together last weekend. It did not go off without some hitches, but we get soldiering on, and finished at 4:30 pm Monday. We thought we could finish MUCH earlier, so my friend could head back to south Seattle and avoid some of the traffic, but things just took longer than we thought.

End view of deck railings

I had to make 3 runs to the local hardware store, as we were 1 2×4 short, needed a certain type of nails and screws, and then we needed 1×2 cedar strips for trim.

Close up railings

The good thing about that is, during the construction we re-designed the railings and so I can return about $50 worth of the cedar strips. I’m very happy about that.

Other side of deck
Hamster report